Pleasure State

Pleasure State

is one of the hottest names in the intimate apparel industry.

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Created out of a vision to design a fashion lingerie brand that allies trendsetting styles and perfect fit and comfort, Pleasure State was launched in 2004 and has grown to become one of the hottest names in the intimate apparel industry. Based in Sydney, Australia, the high luxe fashion lingerie brand creates, produces, and distributes lingerie and loungewear for the top end of the market.

Known for glamorous garments that can transit from the bedroom to everyday life, Pleasure State is constantly aiming to keep you on the pulse of fashion. With one strong identity, Pleasure State has evolved into four distinctive collections: Pleasure State Couture the signature collection, Pleasure State White Label, the diffusion collection, Pleasure State VIP, a fashion collection for women with a voluptuous bust, and Pleasure State My Fit, the latest in push-up technology and biology.

Emblematic of ultimate luxury, Pleasure State embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality and technology and has a unique philosophy of continuous reinvention and innovation. Pleasure state embodies a perfect equilibrium between fundamental comfort and ultimate luxe, a perfect balance between reality and desire.

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