Poolproof suits are Ideal for aqua fitness, lap swimming and pool rehabilitation exercise.

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At Poolproof we strive to produce not only a longer lasting garment compared to many of our competitors, but a variety of styles to suit every womans needs.

Designed in Australia, we cater to fuller figured women with many styles in sizes up to a 24, whilst also providing for women with a fuller bust or those who want extra support from their swimsuit with DD, E and F cup styles, alongside garments with soft cups and underwires.

Poolproof garments are made from 100% polyester which makes for a firmer fitting longer lasting swimsuit without constricting any freedom of movement. This also gives the garment a higher fade resistant quality and makes it quicker drying thus adding to its durability. With construction form a high bulk twisted yarn it makes it much harder for the chlorine to attack and break down the fabric.

Independent testing has been carried out by a regular lap swimmer and results have shown that after 400 hours of use, the Chlorine resistant Poolproof swimsuit was still in good condition and showing minimal signs of colour loss and degradation. Proving that Poolproof swimsuits are more resistant to the harsh effects associated with chlorine.

Poolproof only make swimwear that is recommended for use in chlorinated pools making it ideal for wear in aqua fitness classes, doing laps or pool rehabilitation exercise.


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